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'Costa Rican paradise with a Middle Eastern touch'

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As you can see on the below Casa Antigua Gallery, the hotel is surrounded by a lot of trees, bushes and flowers. The owners really like the connection between the place and the nature, that is also another reason why Henri designed the backyard decoration based on rustic wood.

For example on picture one you can see the front of the hotel, it is easy to recognize because the entrance has many bushes. On picture two you can see that there is small pool in the middle of the backyard, right in the middle of the restaurant too.

On picture three the reception, here you will be received by either Henry, Debbie or by some of their employees. On picture four another section of the backyard, etc.

On picture five is one the rooms available for you; this one is specially decorated like a cabin with rugs and wood walls.

The picture six and seven give you a better idea about how the hotel looks from outside, and finally on the last picture your place to rest, it is located in the backyard next to the pool and near the restaurant.

Remember that :

  • This place is just 1km from the Juan Santamaria airport.
  • There is always taxi service available from the airport to Hotel Casa Antigua, stick with the orange ones.
  • From the hotel you can choose from many reputable car rental agencies that are located less than two minutes away.
  • In the rooms: cable tv, A/C or ceiling fan, wake calls, floor rugs, private bathroom...
  • And last but not least the backyard: it is a special place of this hotel, here is where you can really start your relaxing vacations in Costa Rica, the small swimming pool located in the middle invite you to try it at least for some minutes...this is really like 'feel at home' or better.

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