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Costa Rica currency

Costa Rica Currency, nice design.

Money, money, money... for some people as important as breathing or blood. But if you're traveling around Costa Rica possibly the prior sentence should be very important to consider. Let’s quickly check what you need to know to use the Costa Rica currency correctly. click here for more information about the Costa Rica currency,

The weather in Costa Rica

The Weather in Costa Rica is almost perfect.

How is the weather in Costa Rica? If you are planning to visit the country maybe you are wondering about the climate conditions; the good thing about that concern is that the weather in Costa Rica is almost perfect all year round because it keeps a nice range of temperatures during the whole year. click here to find out more.

Costa Rica Flag

Costa Rica flag, are we in France ?

The flag of Costa Rica is very representative of the people of the country; Costa Ricans are peaceful, kind and happy. Everyone here likes to share time with visitors. The flag is very easy to identify because it is made up of three colors: white, blue and red...pretty similar to the French flag. click here to find out why.

The map of Costa Rica

The map of Costa Rica, why just 7?

If you visit this section you will find a map of Costa Rica where you will learn some facts about each province from the country. Costa Rica is small and located in Central America, and with just seven states/provinces in an area on 52.000 km. With a so reduced area to cover it is pretty easy go around the country in a week or less. Let me show you how...

If you have been looking to learn the real Costa Rica Facts, then you are in the correct site. Through this page you will find information that will prepare you to discover the most important facts about this precious country located in Central America. Costa Rica is a privilege country that is full of natural diversity, political stability and simple and easygoing people. Whenever you visit it you will be accumulating nice memories about its inhabitants and their culture.

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