Costa Rica flag, are we in France ?

Costa Rica flag

The Costa Rica flag is very representative of the people of the country; Costa Ricans are peaceful, kind and happy. They like to share time with visitors. The flag is very easy to identify because it is made up of three colors: white, blue and red.

The flag of Costa Rica was designed by Pacifica Fernandez Oreamuno on 29 September 1848 and historians affirm that the inspiration was the French flag.

Costa Rica flag colors, what do they mean?

The colors always gives a special feeling and usually are selected to communicate a message, the Costa Rica flag is not the exception, take a look at the colors and discover what they mean.

  • Blue, the sky over Costa Rica.
  • White, the goodness of peace.
  • Red, the blood of the freedom.

The Costa Rica flag has evolved

Since 1786 the Costa Rica flag has changed a lot due to different historical circumstances. Governments have changed the design and meaning of the flag to finally end up with the one we have today. Following is a time line of the most significance changes to the flag.

The Costa Rica flag is a symbol that people love with special respect, it is shown in most government institutions, there is always at least one in every school, college or university in the country. Costa Ricans do not show it at house unless they are celebrating "Civic" week which is usually in September.

The flag of Costa Rica is present also in sport events, so for example if you like Soccer, you will see it beside the flag of the National Football Champion in the stadium.

You see, after many years of effort Costa Rican people finally have a flag that represents them. In general, Costa Rican likes to live in peace, work hard to succeed under the sky that watches us and gives us strength to continue.

Oh I almost forget it.

The national flag is also used when there are parades on the streets... that gives the national touch.

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