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Authentic Costa Rica Food

One 'Married Man' for Lunch please ...

Finding the best Costa Rica food is not a difficult task if you live here, but if you are visiting Costa Rica for the first time there are couple of things you need to know prior to visit any restaurant, no matter if you plan to eat on a small restaurant near a park or in a pricey place in downtown, everyone knows what a 'Casado' is.

The Casado is the typical Costa Rican lunch, it includes: rice, beans, plantain, vegetables, salad, tortillas and a piece of meat, chicken or fish.

By the way, at lunch time is also pretty common to see people having a casado in front of the television, I know it is a bad habit but most Costarican workers keep up to date with the news at 12:30 ( Yes I do it too ).

Casado in American english means 'married man', however if you are a woman having lunch in Costa Rica and suddenly your husband calls you asking what you’re doing, and you reply 'Hi dear I am having a married man', you better explain him a what a Casado is otherwise you might be in trouble…

Costa Rica Food for Breakfast

The Gallo Pinto is what we eat in the morning, I have heard a lot of tourist saying that our breakfast is very hard and now that I think about it maybe they are right.

The Gallo Pinto is basically rice, beans cooked with onion, chili, cilantro, and Lizano salsa; but a full Costa Rican breakfast should have:

Gallo pinto, eggs, cheese or sour cream, tortillas, plantain, an orange juice and a cup of coffee, is it too much ? Well we also add some fresh fruits.

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The Casado Not rated yet
I like the Casado because It comes with different things to choose, it is always a good lunch because you decide if you want fish or meat and it seems …

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