Looking for a Costa Rica Lodge ?

La Carolina Lodge – Bijagua, Costa Rica

Staying at this Costa Rica lodge will make you feel that life is so simple and that the noise of cell phones and cars, the busy business routine checking emails, getting into meetings and thinking about the TO DO list for tomorrow by some reason disappeared at this spot.

La Carolina Lodge also gives you the opportunity to learn about the local culture, because wherever you are at the Lodge you have the opportunity to learn a little bit from the Costa Rican family staff in charge of the place.

The Main Lodge

If you are traveling with a group or on a family vacation you can stay at the main lodge, it is a house with enough space for eleven people distributed in four bedrooms; it has two bathrooms and a common area where you can sit and read a book from the small library or go to the hammocks outside to relax listening the Chimorrio River.

However keep in mind that if you do not use the four rooms in the main Lodge you might be asked to share with others, having said that if you are looking for more privacy you can ask for ...

The House on the Hill

It is smaller than the main house but more private, the house on the hill is special for a family of six members and with the highlight of being on the hill having a remarkable view of the river from the porch.

Ok, that's fine if you come with friends or with kids, but What if you are traveling with your sweetheart ? You better ask Kairen or Bill for...

The Honeymoon River Cabin

This is the right choice if you travel with your wife, husband or simply want to feel like in a private 'paradise', it has a queen size bed, fireplace, bathroom and a porch with the river right in front of it.

The honeymoon cabin is on the left hand side of the property and a couple of meters away from the kitchen, but have in mind that even though you might be busy in your romantic room, you have to go out to get some food. Am I right?

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