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La Carolina Lodge – Bijagua, Costa Rica


What makes this Lodge really different from the other Costa Rica Lodges is its proximity to Rio Celeste, it is a beautiful river unique in the world located at the Tenorio National Park near the limit between Alajuela and Guanacaste.

However if you decide to stay at La Carolina Lodge you can also participate on the ‘Milking Cow’ activity where Juan and Chico every morning get the fresh milk for your coffee or the homemade cheese for the breakfast.

But in case that you feel more adventurous you can ride a horse through the ranch with the help of Alejandro (Ask for the horse named ‘Guayabita’).

I do not know if this happens on all the Costa Rica Lodges but it is incredible how the horses obey Alejandro, believe me this horses are like dogs, they do whatever he ask them to do…


La Carolina Lodge is located on the forest, so keep in mind that it is a place to relax at the highest level, at night the electricity is reduced and lights candles are all over the property creating a magical ambiance.

This is a place to get away from everything, a place to immerse in the nature without phones, computers or TV and where at night the weather becomes cool giving you a good reason to try the hot tub heated by wood burning fire next to river or simply sit near it for a relaxing night conversation.


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