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Delicious Costa Rican Food

La Casona del Maiz - Typical Restaurant

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La Casona del Maiz is the best option if you are looking for real Costa Rican food in downtown, it offers delicious meals, great variety, good location and excellent service at a reasonable price. La Casona have two locations and both in the city of  Alajuela, one in 'La Garita' and the other one on the road to 'Barrio  San Jose'.
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The first Restaurant opened in 2000 with the purpose of rescue the Costa Rican Traditions while proving delicious meals to their visitors.

Fortunately everything went well and they decided to opened a second restaurant in 2009, this time closer to downtown giving a great advantage to people from Alajuela town.

During the last decade a lot of fast food Restaurant started business in Costa Rica, this cause that many local family own Typical Restaurant also started gradually to dissapear… however that does not mean that it is difficult to find Typical food of Costa Rica, not at all ! It is just that you need to know where they are, well ; La Casona del Maiz is a good start.

What's the best of Costa Rican Food ?

I do not know if everyone likes rice, but the reality is that in Costa Rica we eat a lot of it, specially because the two most popular Costa Rican dishes need it: The Casado and the Gallo Pinto. costa rican food 2

The agriculture also contributes a lot in the diet of the Costa Rican citizen with products like: vegetables, rice, beans,  and plenty of fruits.

If you come to Costa Rica please taste the local food, I have nothing against fast food, but if you really want to get in touch with the culture, start with the food, you will not regret it.

Costa Rican Food dishes at 'La Casona'

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If you continue you will feel Hungry !

Which is your favorite Costa Rican Food?

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