Hotel Casa Antigua

'Costa Rican paradise with a Middle Eastern touch'

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Hotel Casa Antigua

Hotel Casa Antigua is a small and cozy hotel located in Alajuela, just five minutes from Juan Santamaria International Airport. It is built on a beautiful big old house that represents the Costa Rica from many years ago. Casa Antigua started to be renovated on April 1st 2008 by their current owners: Debbie and Henri who created an ambiance that will make you ”feel at home”.

The place is surrounded by a lot of nature, wood creations and Persian rugs. Why ? Debbie and Henri are artists and like to play with beautiful ideas about design, so take a chance to visit it and witness for yourself what I am talking about. The hotel is very unique surrounded by rustic design everywhere.

Hotel Casa Antigua, What's there for you ?

  • 12 rooms with private bathrooms, hot water and A/C.
  • Continental breakfast.
  • Restaurant and bar in the garden.
  • Free Internet and wifi available.
  • Cable TV.
  • Free local calls.
  • Basic laundry service.
  • Security 24h.
  • Wake up calls.
  • Taxi to the airport.
  • Pool.
  • Parking available.
  • Hotel Dog.

Gorgi...part of the place.

Hotel Casa Antigua is a calm place where you can sit and relax, The hotel offers you the opportunity to interact also with a special inhabitant of the hotel, Gorgi: If you like animals, you will love this dog, 'she' is the beautiful pet of the Hotel.

As soon as you meet this pet, you can assure that she is pure love.

How do you get to Casa Antigua ?

Getting to Casa Antigua is one the easiest things in the world! I am not kidding, sure it is. It is located 800 mts east from the main Costa Rica International Airport, which means that once you get off the plane you are just five minutes from being in your room.

The easiest way to arrive is by taxi, the average taxi fare from the airport to the hotel is around $3, so watch out ! Even is you go in your own car there is no way to get lost, Hotel Casa Antigua is located on the right hand side of the road from Alajuela to Heredia.

Need more help with the location ?

Look at the map !

If you are driving to the hotel there are a lot of different signs that may help you on your way. For example, on the same road that takes you to Casa Antigua you will notice a lot of Rent a Car businesses.

The main thing that you need to have in mind is that Casa Antigua is really close, so if you are driving more than ten minutes, you need to check where you are. STOP ! You’ve gone too far !

The hotel is located on the right hand side of the road, the front is made of a rustic wood with a couple of sculptures of early Costa Rican natives and green bushes surrounding it. There is also a carriage hanging with a green sign with hotel information and last but not least, there is a small bus stop outside, so....pretty easy to get there.


High Season

1 Person $ 59
2 People $ 69
3 People $ 79
4 People $ 89

Green Season

1 Person $ 49
2 People $ 59
3 People $ 69
4 People $ 79

A Message from your host !

Henri and Debbie, owners of Hotel Casa Antigua and restaurant "Mil y una noche", packed their bags in 2008 and came to Costa Rica to call this beautiful place "home".

Arriving from Hawaii, with lots of "Aloha spirit", we set about renovating and creating what you see today as "Hotel Casa Antigua". What started out as a labor of love, soon blossomed into our newest creation, "Mil y una noche".

This tranquil garden restaurant is an integral part of the hotel. Here we treat our guest to the finest of persian cuisine, entertainment, and a unique cultural experience.

Our mission.

For every guest that enters our hotel, we wish comfort, relaxation and a friendly service where, after a long tiring flight or whether in preparation for a homeward bound journey, we will always provide a place where you will "Feel at home".


Debbie and Henry

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