How to get to La Carolina Lodge ?

Maps, directions and pictures

To start the journey to La Carolina Lodge in Bijagua, Alajuela our reference point is the Juan Santamaria International Airport in Alajuela, Costa Rica.

Do not worry; it will be pretty easy if you follow this step by step guide that contains maps, directions, pictures and some useful tips to help you getting to La Carolina Lodge.

Step 1. Leaving the Airport

Take the Pan-American Highway (Route one); it will take you to the province of Guanacaste in Northern Costa Rica in about 2 hours and 30 minutes, continue straight until you reach Canas, this will be our second reference point.

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Step 2. Gasoline, Gasoline

In Canas, Guanacaste is the last gas station prior to continue to Bijagua which is the closest town to La Carolina, so make sure to get some gasoline, otherwise you might be in troubles ( As I did ) trying to get Gasoline after this checkpoint.

Step 3. Route 6 to Bijagua

You need to continue straight after the gas station for about 5km, reduce the speed to not miss the exit to Upala, take it and you will be driving toward Bijagua, Upala. Awesome. You need to drive 35km on route 6 and you might see the next hints on your way:

  • 15km after the entrance on the right hand side is nice property called 'Hacienda el Tenorio'
  • 5km after the above is a wood factory called 'El Viejo S.A'
  • Then you will be near Rio Tenorio

Step 4. Really close to La Carolina Lodge

Once you pass the Rio Tenorio Bridge you will need to cross another small bridge, but just after it you will be in Bijagua and at the same time pretty close to the Lodge; continue straight for 5 km and on the right hand side of the road you will see a sign with an eagle (Costa Rica beer) of a bar called 'El Mirador'.

Continue 100 meters and you will see the entrance and a sign of la Carolina Lodge advising you turn to the right. Take it.

Step 5. Just 6 km to La Carolina Lodge.

The first thing you will see after you turned right is little stone wall on the left. Continue ahead and the stone wall will disappeared after some meters.

IMPORTANT NOTE: As you can see on the below picture the road changed to gravel road, so my honest recommendation is that you rent a 4x4 Suv, the road is a little bit bumpy and could be difficult to drive on a regular sedan car, especially if it rains.

I did not know that before I visited this beautiful Costa Rica Lodge but I was able to do it on my sedan car because it was just me on the car and the weather was fine but if you just have sedan car as me, just make sure to not drive fast or with more than two people in the car.

Step 6. Take left then right and that’s it.

At some point on the fifth kilometer you will arrive to an intersection where you will see on the right hand side of the road the San Miguel Church and also the School. However you need to turn to the left, there is also a sign with an arrow indicating to turn left as well.

After you have turned left continue for less that kilometer and you will see another small intersection, turn right and continue on your right and you will be at la Carolina Lodge. Congratulations !

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