Map of Costa Rica

A map of Costa Rica is maybe the best tool to help you learning a little bit about our country. Costa Rica is located in the Americas; it is a small country full of tourist attractions and of exuberant natural beauty.

In the below map of Costa Rica you can see that at first glance it seems that driving from a province to another is a pretty easy thing, well! Yes and No, it depends; especially because Costa Rica has not the best roads and most of them are just two-lane roads.

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The country has seven provinces; four are located in the metropolitan area and the other three near the coast. The main city is San Jose, here is where the business people meet and where most of Jobs are.

Just next to San Jose is Alajuela which is well known by the Arenal and Poas Volcanoes and of course because of the Juan Santamaria’s International Airport.

Heredia is the party place because most of the clubs, discotheques and bar are located there; but on the other hand there is a place really calm which is Cartago which is really well known by the devotion to the Virgin Mary.

That covers Downtown, but if you see the map I bet you already realized that Guanacaste, Puntarenas and Limon are the ‘beach’ town, so wherever you go, please, please enjoy and respect the nature.

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Where is Costa Rica in the world ?

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You can locate it in the American Continent, specifically right in the middle of it. This zone is called Central-America, however keep in mind that this means in the middle of the Continent not in the middle of United States.

It limits are with Nicaragua, Panana and the Pacific and Caribbean sea. Sometimes people confuse it with Puerto Rico which is another country in Latin-America and also think that Costa Rica is also and island, but it is wrong, Costa Rica is small but have two neighbor countries, so it is not an island.

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