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Rio Celeste - Costa Rica

'A Jewel at Tenorio Volcano's National Park'

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Rio Celeste is the main attraction of the Tenorio Volcano National Park, located in the middle of nature and with a color in its water unique in the world will make you feel that a little piece of heaven was mixed with the water to create this wonderful place.
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The most important objective of Tenorio National Park is to preserve the flora, fauna and groundwater.

To accomplish this, years ago the property was declared National Park which gives additional protection to natural resources in Costa Rica.

This was necessary because the area farmers had started to settled down on the property with the intention to own cattle ranches, farms, or just to get a land to built a house while waiting for the government through the IDA (Government Institution) to concede them the land for personal benefit, at the end it did not happened and now the property is a Touristic Area Protected for the enjoyment of visitors.  


Young Tress, Why ?

In fact when you just entered into the park you will notice that in the journey down the path the trees are not as big, strong or robust as expected on a regular forest, this is because these trees are still young and are in the process of regeneration, that’s why this section is called the secondary forest. costa rican food 2

As you continue walking through the forest if you're lucky you may see some of the animals that inhabit the park as: tapir, wild cats, howler white-faced and spider monkey.

After walking for about 300 meters you will start to hear the beautiful sound of the waterfall and little by little you will see the turquoise water of the river running very close to you inviting you to progress further. 

Are you ready for the Magic ? Ready ?

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Take the below beautiful Virtual Trip...

Rio Celeste Waterfall

Finally after listening the roar of water falling and hitting the river you will reach the Rio Celeste waterfall which has a height of approximately 30 meters and a depth of 15 meters, however for security reasons due to the strength of water currents and unpredictable movements it is forbidden to swim in this area.

The area of the waterfall is special to relax and rest before continuing the journey, possibly after seeing the beauty of the waterfall you will want to stay the whole afternoon to contemplate it, but you decide, however let me tell you that at this point is just the beginning the adventure, so put on your boots because it is time to climb the mountain and find out where all the magic comes from…

The tour to Tenorio Volcano National Park is a complete adventure: Rivers, Waterfalls, Hot Springs, and exuberant nature will keep you busy for nearly four hours and on top it right at the end of the trail you see the 'Blue Lagoon' where the stronger blue color is.

According to 'legend' is said that the first inhabitants thought that the 'Blue Lagoon' was the crater of a volcano but later discovered that was not so and it was only a calmer area of the Rio Celeste ...

Enjoy what you see ?
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