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In the below SJO Airport Map you can see that it is located at a very strategic place. From this location you can easily drive to major cities in Central Valley because it is in the limit between San Jose and Alajuela and also really near Heredia.

In the next map you can see that there are some names listed, let me guide you a little bit:

  • Liberia, here is where the other International airport is located, if you are a beach lover you better flight to Costa Rica directly to the LIR, however note that the airfares to Costa Rica tend to be more expensive this way.
  • Coco, is a beach where there are a lot fishing activities around.
  • Barranca, is the closest exit to reach the province of Puntarenas.
  • Nosara, nice white sand beach.
  • San Carlos, watch out this ! If you are planning to visit the Arenal volcano, the San Carlos being shown here is not the one you are looking for, that one is in Nicaragua, our San Carlos is closer and belongs to Alajuela.
  • Alajuela, popularly known as city of Mangoes is the closest city to go, it also have two of the most popular volcanoes 'Poas and Arenal'.

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Different from above, in the below map highlighted in yellow it is easy to identity the Interamerican highway, it is the first road that you or your driver will take no matter where you are going to. It is like a backbone within the provinces, so there is no way to avoid it.

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