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' The palm trees might distract you, watch out !

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The next SJO airport pictures will help you to have a better idea about how it looks like from outside. For example, moving from left to right and from top to bottom you can see that...

The outside is nicely decorated with palm tress, it has two levels, the first one for arrivals and the top one for departures.

On the arrivals level there is a statue of Costa Rica's national hero which at the same time is the honored man Juan Santamaria...yes you are right ! that's why the SJO is called like him.

To get to finally leave the country you will walk over the departure bridge which connects with the central building where you will find the airline counters.

Oh... and in case your Spanish is fluent and your luggage small you can either take the red or light yellow buses to Alajuela or San Jose.

More pictures...

Below you can find four additional high quality pictures from other people, as a big fan of photography I selected the four picture as a complement to this gallery while allowing photographers to show their talent through this website. Enjoy it...and hope you have wonderful flight.

Photo courtesy of Roberto Segura and Geneder

Photo courtesy of Roy Rojas and Kansaphoto

Just in case you want to know !

On the above pictures you can see on picture one the orange cars, those are the official taxis that operate for the airport, they are located on the arrivals level, there is also Juan Santamaria statue protecting them.

In the second picture you can see an aerial view of the airport, you would not believe that SJO operates with less than twenty gates, in this picture you can also see the mountains of the province of Alajuela.

In the third picture you can see inside the airport, what is so nice about it is the roof, there is an old saying where it says that the architect of this airport designed the roof inspired of an airplane body.

The fourth picture shows a Sansa Airplane, as you can witness is small and this one in special is mono-motor.

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