The Weather in Costa Rica is almost perfect, I swear it.

How is the weather in Costa Rica? If you are planning to visit the country maybe you are wondering about the climate conditions; the good thing about that concern is that the weather in Costa Rica is almost perfect all year round because it keeps a nice range of temperatures during the whole year.

That allows you to get a nice tan in the summer or a romantic night with your beloved one at the fresh rain-forest.

Cool, yes cool! I am not kidding. This is what most people say about Costa Rica climate. We are located at a tropical zone of the American Continent that allows us to have a really cool weather almost all the time.

Costa Rica is a simple country and its climate reflects it; we do not have four seasons as big countries, God! We even do not have a real winter neither we have a hot desert burning us out.

Why did I say "Simple"?

Ok, let me clarify it! Costa Rica just has two seasons: I call it the ‘wet’ and the ‘dry’ seasons, but if you like to name it correctly the right names are winter and summer, you see…so simple.

Whenever you come to Costa Rica you will feel that the weather is a plus for the visitors as well as for the local people, and believe me, sure it is. To make it even simpler look at the next chart depending on the date you are traveling to Costa Rica.

Costa Rica weather season Date Range
Summer December to April
Winter May to November


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So, How is the temperature?

You will not believe it unless you arrive here, the weather keeps at a combination of warm weather and some fresh wind allowing people travel almost the twelve month of the year, it goes from 15 to 27 C (Celsius).

Most the days are warm during the day and fresh at night. Provinces near the coast like Guanacaste and Puntarenas are hotter than provinces from the Central Valley as Heredia or San Jose.

Hey, I almost forget it; there is another new word for you regarding weather seasons, in the tourism industry the winter which I call the wet season is also known as “green season”; so watch out this detail because many hotels and tour operators list the prices in two columns: summer and green season.

Green season Costa Rica, nature Costa Rica

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Time to wake up, Time to enjoy…
Time to sleep

The weather in Costa Rica allows you to wake up every morning between 5.40am – 6.00am letting the first sunlight appears at your window reminding you that outside is a nice country expecting for you.

It is so nice that even though the sun appears still keeps a little bit cold ( cold for us is 20C ). As soon as you finished your breakfast you can start your day plans. I think the best time to enjoy the day is between 10.00am and 4.00pm because the sun is shining nicely.

After you enjoyed the tours, beach, forest, museums, art, animals and more I bet you might be tired. So the time to rest and get a nice time to sleep is just around a corner, but do not worry because a beautiful sunset will appear between 5.40pm – 6.00pm (yes same as in the morning) remind you that night is coming.

Ok, I said time to sleep because night starts at 6.00pm, but hey! You decide when it is really time to sleep. Honestly if you are partying at night you will not want to sleep that soon because nights keep fresh.

Depending on the way you like to spend your time at night, you can grab a book an read it on a bench at the hotel, you can also go out and party with friends, or either talk with your love ones at the hotel lobby or really just going to sleep, anyways a fresh night will be there for you.

Bottom line, cool mornings, awesome hot weather during the day and fresh nights, what else you can ask for?

Costa Rica is a very small country,
Is the weather the same everywhere ?

That’s easy, the answer is No. As many things in life nothing is the same everywhere. I am not a climate specialist but I know the weather conditions because actually I live in Costa Rica, so look at the below chart, maybe it helps.

Province Weather Temperature
Guanacaste Hot 23C-36C
Puntarenas Hot 25C-34C
Alajuela Hot 18C-28C
Heredia Cool 18C-25C
San Jose Cool 19C-21C
Cartago Cold 14C-22C
Limon Hot and humid 23C-26C

Addional Weather Notes

  • The coldest month is December.
  • It rains in May and October more than in the rest of the year.
  • If you cross the country by car you will feel the weather changing as you move.
  • We have winter but there is not possibility of having snow, so do not plan winter games.
  • When it rains, really rains and then suddenly stops.
  • The weather in Costa Rica especially after the rainy season brings a lot of green to the nature which everyone likes.

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